Feb 10, 2014

things to do in New York City << adventure >>

Exciting times. Over the weekend we booked the apartment for our New York trip in March and now it feels like it is real and I am unbelievably excited. Have been looking into the various things I want to do while we’re over there and, quite frankly, sleeping is NOT an option. I am stupidly keen to check out the Lower East Side tenement Museum. Then there’s the High Line of course. We already know we’re heading to a gig at the Knitting Factory while we’re there. So very tempted to check out the Spring Craft Beer Festival. But even if we don’t, there will be plenty of craft beers consumed during the trip I am sure. And food. Lots and lots of food. Our host already sent us a list as long as both my arms of awesome eateries right on the doorstep of our apartment. We’re staying in the heart of Williamsburg so it’s hipster central and I am very much looking forward to kicking back with my camera and soaking up the too cool for school atmosphere! Expect “best beard” and “most awesome ink” posts some time after I return. Hehe.

williamsbury map by cool new york artsit

In the process I’ve also discovered the blog of a very talented artist by the name of James Gulliver Hancock who does awesome sketches of the buildings in New York. I spotted this Williamsburg map whilst checking out cool things in the area and then saw his ace sketches on the blog. I’m waiting til I’ve been over there and fallen in love with the reality of the place before I order myself a print, but there’s no doubt I’ll be buying one. I’ll see if I can pick up the book he’s done while I’m over there too. It’s a good excuse to check out some local bookstores! Squee…


If you have some awesome NYC recommendations, let me know. Although Damian has been a couple of times and already knows which coffee shops he plans to pay a visit to (bless him) it’ll be my first time and I am totally up for an urban adventure. We plan to come back fat and bloated from over indulgence, I may treat myself to a wee travel charm of a tattoo and there will definitely be a lot of loitering and street photography – but other than that we’re not too sure so hit me up with your must do/see suggestions!

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  1. Claire

    February 10th, 2014 at 7:47 pm

    Lexington candy bar!


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