Apr 24, 2015

More Than Words << SNAP>>

A couple of weeks ago I was involved in a rather nasty car crash. It was a huge shock, wrecked my car and hurt like hell. For about a week I could barely move my neck or right arm. The guy responsible is being prosecuted and the insurance people are dealing with all of the faffy stuff. I felt pretty lousy though. I couldn’t edit, I couldn’t shoot and I felt pretty crappy about everything. But then something wonderful happened. Something magical. SNAP! I had high hopes for some kind of combined photography workshop and retreat. The reality was far, far better. Glamping in a beautiful setting (and let me tell you, Fforest far exceeded my expectations). Inspirational speakers filling my head and indeed heart with ideas and joy. Incredible food (nutritious and utterly delicious – gluten free to boot). And a bunch of new friends (I totally found my tribe). SNAP brought together a bunch of like minded, passionate souls in a perfect environment, giving us the freedom and the tools (and yes, I think tequila and campfire singalongs count as tools here) to discover a new found level of love for what we do and the people we do it with and for. I’ve been home a week already. It feels simultaneously like a matter of hours and a lifetime. I miss my fellow SNAPSTERS and being at Fforest – the fire pits, the sense of community, the fresh air, the birdsong, the magnificent skies and the open space. SNAP photo festival was life affirming, invigorating and downright fun. And as a result, I simply cannot wait to unleash all manner of creativity on my upcoming weddings. Hurrah. I didn’t take many photies (sore shoulders do not make for fun photo taking) but the few I have make me smile. My happy place. My tribe. Yay!
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